Origin of Universe and Double Universe Theory Proposed by Holistic Philosophy Questions and Answers

Question no 1: Sir, I actually have examine approximately Big Bang theory. I want to recognise more approximately it. Will you please tell me something approximately crucial capabilities of the principle?

Answer: Yes, I shall come up with a short creation of Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang concept is the maximum normally everyday version for the starting place of the Universe for the reason that it is an experimentally derived theory. The underlying precept in the back of the Big Bang is that, the Universe changed into in a compressed nation four to five million years ago. After the Big Bang, the Universe commenced increasing which is continuing yet. The experimental proof for that is to be had from the outer space. Distribution of galaxies extends uniformly in all directions and due to gravitation they flow with respect to each different. They move away from the Milky Way with speeds that increase with distance that is a standing proof for the Big Bang.

Q 2: Sir, what happened after the Big Bang?

Answer: Though this idea is normal via and massive because the only principle which explains the origin of the Universe, the theory itself postulates or in truth, offers for a ‘hot, dense depend’ at some point of the Big Bang. It further assumes Gravitational results that are of excessive magnitudes. As according to the theory, the whole destiny of the Universe became decided in 5 minutes after Big bang and after that, not anything tremendous passed off.

Q three: In this sort of case, can I say that Big bang supposes existence of depend even earlier than Big Bang?

Answer: Definitely sure. Also we should bear in mind what’s the source and what is the motive for such an extensive movement. According to regulation of conservation, from nothing, ‘some thing’ could not have come. In other phrases, if it could have come from not anything, legal guidelines of conservation fail. Hindu Religion states that there may be an Almighty, Who is the last commander from ‘Zero’. I am not wrong if I say that there’s some hesitation on the part of the medical community itself to just accept Big Bang concept because it postulates such pre-existence of the Universe,

Such pre-life of count is taken as the first postulate for our attention of The Double Universe concept.

Q four: Sir, it seems there are some other fashions for the formation of the Universe. I actually have study approximately Steady State Model or ‘The Cosmological Principle’. Please inform me some thing about it Sir.

Answer: There is one weakly prevalent opportunity theory to Big Bang which turned into supported by using none other than Albert Einstein making use of his General idea of Relativity referred to as ‘ Steady State Model’ or ‘The Cosmological Principle’
“The Cosmological Principle” or the constant country model broadcasts that the Universe ‘constantly exists’ as it’s far and there’s no exchange within the ordinary state of affairs specially with respect to the observer from any factor inside the Universe. Because of the converting positions of the Universe, this concept has gained momentum, as found by way of the pink-shifts. While the Cosmological Principle is capable of explain the existing nation of the Universe, it is not able to explain the motive of the Universe. To give an explanation for the foundation, the Big Bang model is used.

‘The Universe continually exists’ is a completely beneficial postulate to propound Double Universe Theory and it’s miles the second postulate.

Q no 5: There is one extra theory referred to as ‘The Oscillating Universe’. May I recognise about it Sir?

Answer: To give an explanation for the situation ‘before’ the Big Bang, a idea of “Oscillating Universe” turned into put forward via the Russian Astronomer Ernst J. Opik (1893-1985). He says that after, say 25,000 million years, the increasing Universe will prevent growth and begin shrinking as a stone thrown upwards, having exhausted all its power comes again to the ground, because of gravity.

If we count on the age of the Universe as 4,500 million years it manner that the Universe exploded four,500 million years ago. The energy for this explosion must have come from within the matter itself known as the nuclear fluid.

German Priest and Astronomer George Lemaitre (1894-1985) was the first to visualise such an preliminary nation of the Universe. He mentioned that on the density of the nuclear fluid, this country would correspond to a “GIANT ATOM” or a primeval atom or Egg, from which the Universe hatched. This “egg” have to were very a good deal volatile as the radioactive risky atoms: It have to have decayed simultaneously exploding at the instance it changed into fashioned. Our present Universe might thus include the debris of radioactive decay of one massive, single atom.

How did this primeval atom come into being? On one hand it should have been created. Creation is past the scope of Science. The alternative is an assumption of a previous state, “a collapsing” Universe which converged to a single spot from all instructions. The collapse changed into stopped on the maximum feasible density of depend, whose elastic forces sent the Universe lower back expanding like a ball rebounding from the wall. Thus the principle of Opik presumes a “Cosmic pendulum”(Oscillating Universe).

Thus the 0.33 postulate for the Double Universe is taken from this. There is one Universe which collapses.

Q 6: Now may additionally I consolidate the postulates of ‘Double Universe Theory? ‘ or Online Mental Health Courses?

Answer: You are welcome to do it.

Student’s Answer: Let us consolidate the 3 postulates:

Postulate 1: There is a Universe which expands. (Big bang)
Postulate 2: The Universe is usually intact (Steady State model)
Postulate three: There is a Universe which collapses. (Oscillating Universe)
Combining all the three, we recommend The Double Universe Theory.

Master: Very properly. You are proper.

Q 7: I have understood the postulates. Now I am equipped to know the Double Universe Theory. Please inform me sir.

Answer: Experimental proofs for one of these big cosmic scale theories will now not be without difficulty to be had. The Oscillating Universe and the consistent state models had been quoted here to explain that there are believers that the Universe existed even earlier than the Big Bang and secondly the Universe will stay for all time. The Holistic Philosophy suggests a “Double” Universe theory as: One Universe expanding, another Universe shrinking, both occurring concurrently to maintain the conservation. It can be noted that all the three theories, Big Bang, consistent nation model and the oscillating concept in shape in nicely in the Double Universe principle. Big bang explains birth of present Universe, Oscillating Universe assumes one Universe (Shrinking Universe) earlier than huge bang and Steady country model explains that the Universe exists continually.

Q eight. Okay Sir. Big bang is regarding the material Universe. Is it possible that Life and Intelligence also existed before Big bang?

Answer: The current theories of evolution do no longer imagine that lifestyles existed earlier than the start of the Universe. Universe got here into being as a result of big bang. The Galaxies, the Milky Way, the Solar machine, Earth accompanied inside the process of evolution. Finally the present Life in Earth seemed and advanced into the prevailing form. We are capable of visualize lifestyles on Earth best in that order. When there may be the possibility of both remember or power, or each current even earlier than the Big Bang (Steady State Model and Oscillating Universe), we will thoroughly construe that Intelligent existence additionally existed earlier than Big bang. Life might have been there in a few shape although not in the gift organic shape. The fact is that we are unable to imagine any lifestyles without cloth information and also the cloth Universe. So, the logical end is that, in case, cloth Universe existed before Big Bang, Life additionally would possibly have existed along with it in a few shape.

There may be an vital question which I myself will ask to your behalf. How Life can face up to the Oscillations of the Universe? The solution is simple. It will withstand the oscillations like it withstands Earth’s revolution and revolutions of different Heavenly our bodies.

Q nine: Sir, Can you please help your concept with some evidences?

Answer: Why not? We are seeing two aspects of the same element in numerous aspects of life. Zero has two sides, one facet nice and the other poor. Positive and negative freeze to come to be zero after which enlarge on both aspects. A coin has two facets. Nobody can make a coin with one facet. A magnet has two poles. Electricity has two costs, the maximum crucial component of that is ‘they attract every other’,

Life is impossible with out sex. In Hindu Mythology, there’s a God with one 1/2 as a male and the other 1/2 as a girl frozen in a unmarried frame.

Birth and loss of life are two facets of the equal existence. Birth is related to loss of life from the moment a life is born. A life no longer only lives every second but also dies each second.

Let me quote the subsequent announcing from Rig Veda which states:

‘Ohm Tat Sat (Rig Veda), which means that that ‘It simply is’ and is the everlasting Reality that’s feasible by freezing the two opposites into one. That is ‘Double Universe Theory’.

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