Treatment of Swine Flu

Treatment of disorder due to traces of the virus “swine flu” isn’t always essentially unique from the treatment of so-called “seasonal flu.” When expressed phenomena of intoxication and violation of the acid-alkaline stability is held detoxification and corrective therapy What is an endocrinologist?.

Of the medicine acting at the virus itself and its replica of the evidence of the effectiveness. In its absence, WHO professionals recommended that the drug Zanamivir (Relenza), with a notably slight course of disorder doctors endorse that post-Soviet countries arbidol, no matter the reality that it applies to pills with unproven efficacy, and WHO does not don’t forget it as an antiviral drug.

Treatment of intense and slight severity cases directed on the prevention of number one viral pneumonia, typically flowing closely and inflicting hemorrhage and raised respiratory failure, and adherence to prevention of secondary bacterial contamination, also frequently reasons the development of pneumonia.

Shown as symptomatic therapy. From antipyretic tablets maximum specialists recommend medicinal drugs containing ibuprofen and paracetamol (no longer encouraged to use merchandise which incorporate aspirin, because of the hazard of the syndrome of Ray.

Emergency treatment in hospitals (call the ambulance) is essential if symptoms of severe respiratory failure, oppression and violations of the brain function of the cardiovascular device: dyspnea, shortness of breath, cyanosis (blue in the face of the pores and skin), a swoon, the appearance of stained sputum, a low blood pressure, the appearance of ache in the chest.

Mandatory get admission to to a doctor (generally at the health facility on the region of residence) must be at a high temperature, no longer reducing at the four-day, said degradation after a transient development.

Interim guidelines for treatment protocols and prevention of swine flu resulting from virus type A/H1N1, for adults and kids have been prepared in collaboration with leading studies institutes of Medical Sciences, a Research Institute of Influenza, Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. NF Gamal and FGI Research Institute for formative years infections and the Institute of Pulmonology FMBA Russia.